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          河津吉兴昌 纺织品有限公司
          / 营销网络

          Marketing network

                 Shanghai Hua Shi Textile Co., Ltd. after 14 years of ups and downs in the international market has gone in the forefront of the industry, with most countries and regions to establish business contacts.

                 Especially the East Asian markets: Japan, South Korea, as well as Europe and the United States. Every year, hundreds of millions of products to flow to countries around the world, through our Inspection.

                 With the domestic clothing market especially the online shopping market is hot with each passing day, on the value of the brand, reputation and product quality seriously more and more, many have the strength of large garment enterprises, network shopping mall, mall Taobao seller, tmall market sellers have started to contact the seized goods services.

          Countries and regions: